Basic Information About Lawn Care

What Your Landscaper Wants You To Know About Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is a series of activities done to maintain the quality of a lawn. A well-maintained lawn is weed-free, tidy, and healthy. Homeowners take some time off their busy schedules for the maintenance of their lawn. But, some would prefer to hire a landscaper to tend to their lawn and plants. Whichever is the case, homeowners should know the basics when it comes to lawn care.


Mowing the lawn is a very important part of lawn maintenance. It has both aesthetic and health benefits for your lawn. For one, a well-mowed lawn keeps the grass neat and even. Aside from keeping a well-manicured appearance, mowing your lawn regularly keeps the grass healthy. It allows the development of deeper root systems for better absorption of water and nutrients in the soil. Just be sure not to cut more than ⅓ of the height of the grass every time.

Snow removal

Aside from mowing the lawn, snow removal during winter is also essential to preserve your grass and other plants in your lawn. This is also important for safety since walkways that are covered in snow can be slippery. This increases the risk for slips and falls.


There are various types of fertilizers you can use. It is important to know which type your lawn needs, how much to use, and how frequently you should fertilize. Be careful in using too much fertilizer as this might cause what is called fertilizer burn. Too much fertilizer in the soil can hinder the grass from absorbing water, thus making it look unhealthy. You should also fertilize your lawn after summer to help restore the nutrients lost during the hot summer months.

Lawn maintenance can really be time-consuming at times, especially if you aren’t an expert at it yet. Luckily, there are a lot of lawn care companies you can employ to help you. One of the best ones in Brownsburg, IN is Frontier Lawn and Landscaping. You can contact our landscaper at (317) 559-5780.

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