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Practical Lawn Tips for Lush and Green Lawn

Who has the time and energy to maintain the most gorgeous lawn in the neighborhood? You do! These practical lawn service hacks will reduce the time and effort required for lawn maintenance so you can spend more time enjoying your private green area, whether you’re a new homeowner, someone who has lately discovered their love of lawns, or the neighborhood grass expert who is simply trying to keep on top of it all.

Instead of Installing a New Lawn, Repair the Current One

Perhaps your dog left some grass patches scraped up, or you lifted a load of wood and left a sizable void in its wake. Or perhaps a thin, worn-out grass was included with your new house. Whatever the situation, repairing the current grass is faster, simpler, and more affordable than completely replacing it.

Mow Higher

The majority of lawn grass varieties perform best when the mower setting is between 2 and 3 inches, despite the temptation to set the blades low for a tight cut. Make sure you’re cutting your lawn at the higher end of the height range recommended for the individual grass in your yard because different grass varieties have varying ideal heights. Although your lawn won’t appear as well mowed as a golf course, the longer grass blades help shade weed seeds, making them less likely to germinate and grow into a time-consuming issue.

Grass Cuttings Should Be Left Where They Fall

Most likely, this lawn hack is the simplest of them all. Put your mower’s mulching setting on, then leave the grass clippings where they are. They will organically nourish the soil, assisting in the growth and maintenance of thick, healthy grass, while giving you back the hour or so you would have spent raking them up. To prevent large clumps from developing, just mow the grass when it is completely dry.

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